Synopsis: Naruto: An Uchiha With A Superpower Roulette

After Uchiha Yōichi traversed, the normality of the ninja world went awry.

Sleight of Hand: When in contact with others, randomly take an item from the other party.

Tsunade: Where are my clothes? Why did they disappear after you touched my shoulder?

Two-Way Perspective: Nothing can obstruct your line of sight, but when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Uchiha Mikoto: Have I awakened the Byakugan? Why can I see Yōichi -kun’s…?

Dance Invitation: After the BGM music starts playing, you have one chance to initiate a dance, which the other party cannot refuse. The winner can randomly obtain an skill from the other party.

Uchiha Madara: Bastard, when I said dance, I meant fight! And where’s my Rinnegan?!

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