Synopsis: One night stand with a Billionaire

Losing her mother, Julia didn’t stop her father from getting married again, her father’s happiness was very important to her despite her reluctance. But she was only cheated on by her stepmother and sister. On her wedding day, she was drugged because of which she spent the night with an unknown man and endured the darkest moment of her life. Her boyfriend was taken away from her besides her father’s shadow. She was forced to leave the country but her fate brought her back again to the place. Julia came back with a boy, her boy. Everything was going well but then she meets the man she spent the night with and the man was a Billionaire mafia, Joshua. [Mature content] “Sign this contract if you wish to see your family alive,” Joshua roared at the disobedient woman. “What is this?” Julia asked in fear. “This is the agreement about you staying with me until I lose my interest

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