Synopsis: ONLY YOU

Jack Grant is a self-absorbed billionaire CEO who can’t keep it in his pants. He believes he can buy any woman with just the right amount and treats them like trash. Cindy Banks is a sexy and beautiful young lady with a strong dislike for arrogant and unfaithful men. She has just one goal: to give her little brother a better chance at life. Cindy crosses paths with Jack Grant in her quest for a good job and suddenly he wants her beneath him, begging for more. However, she puts him in his place and shoves his job in his face. Jack Grant is upset by Cindy’s rejection but she also successfully piques his interest. He sees her as a challenge and goes all out to conquer her with the intention of humiliating her when he finally gets in-between her legs. What Jack did not count on though, was falling head over heels in love with his secretary but, is it too late for him? How far would he go in order to prove to Cindy that what he feels for her is true?

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