Synopsis: Others Level Up, but I Pursue Cultivation!

One day, through transmigration, Su Xing arrived in a data-centric high martial world.
This world had extraordinary strong beings known as professionals, favored by the “heavens,” who could level up and strengthen themselves by running dungeons and killing monsters.
Su Xing changed his job to the hidden profession of Cultivator, but due to unknown reasons, he could not gain experience or level up like other professionals.
Unable to level up, he could only cultivate… but in this era where Spiritual Energy was depleted and Cultivators were nearly extinct, even obtaining Spiritual Energy was a luxury. After four years in college, Su Xing was still a minor in the Qi Refining Stage, struggling even to graduate.
Fortunately, he awakened the golden finger “Life Simulator,” which allowed him to simulate the future by paying energy and bring back the Cultivation Level, items, and more from the simulation to the real world.
However, in the simulated future, the Foreign Race invaded in full force, leading to the overthrow of the Human Race overnight.
In such desperate circumstances, Su Xing chose to lie low and develop, cultivating Spirit Plants, concocting Elixirs, enhancing his Cultivation Level, improving the overall strength of the Human Race… He continuously strengthened himself through the simulator, becoming a hidden powerhouse, silently resisting the invasion of the Foreign Race.

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