Synopsis: Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid

Ashley Walters was hired as a maid in the De Luca house hold. The first day she landed for her job, she was asked to marry the only son of the family. The only heir to Deluca wealth and business. Justin. Why the family needed a maid to marry off their drop dead gorgeous son? ******* Sarah had everything in her life. Wealth, beauty, friends, and a swoon-worthy fiancé. A guy every girl wanted in her life. Her gorgeous fiancé Justin Deluca. Hot-headed. Hot looking. Girls get wet down there when they look at him. But he belongs to no one but Sarah. Then she did something stupid. As a result of a dare, she asked her fiancé to marry his maid, thinking that the maid was not beautiful enough. Trusting Justin that he won’t even bother to bat an eye on her. He would never be attracted to her. Man! She was wrong. Now, she feels… he is falling for his maid. He is falling for Ashley Walters.

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