Synopsis: My life in the martial arts world is too lewd

It has been a year since Li Qinghou traveled to this world, and he has been a disciple of Zixia Sect for almost a year. Li Qinghou’s soul traveled through time and was born in Niujia Village at the foot of Wanxia Mountain. His parents are both dead, he has a sister and a house, … Read more

Synopsis: Forbidden Pupil of the Eyes

The world is abundant with enigmas, leaving us to ponder what the future upholds. Even the most formidable figures remain unaware of the concealed truths scattered throughout this expansive realm. Xinli, even dying from an incurable illness, transmigrated to an unknown place. Who would have known that the fate of destiny could play like this? … Read more

Synopsis: Unlimited Infinite System

Unlimited Infinite System; Start with Infinite Enhancements [The Unlimited Infinite System can do everything. It has infinite functions and unlimited capabilities. The host can unlock these functions when the conditions are met.]

Synopsis: Immortal Odyssey: My Family Is Invincible

I GOT CLICHED!!!. When Xu Qianghua opened his eyes, he found out that he was reborn back in time before the game Immortal Odyssey: Paths of Destiny merged with his world. With only a few items left with him, Xu Qianghua is stunned and unhappy because he had a good life and was not like … Read more

Synopsis: Genius Club

“From the moment I was born, I’ve had the same dream every day, where the same day repeats itself endlessly.” “What did you do in your dream?” “Robbed banks, blew up buildings, flirted with girls, joyrode in luxury cars… Since it was a dream, naturally, I did a lot of lawless things.” “Tell me about … Read more

Synopsis: Arcane Emperor

Traversing Nesserite, Matthew became a minor Lord. Nurtured a Time Dragonling, developed arcane arts, and modified technology. Absorbed a population of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Gray Elves, Tieflings, and Demonic Offspring among other races, creating a new modernized kingdom with a magical twist. Destroying the Nesserite Empire was the task! Annihilating the Elf Kingdom and … Read more

Synopsis: MMORPG: Genesis Sync

Genesis was created when war threatened to destroy the world of Atlantia however after 100 years it has truly become a second world. The Elves and Draconian used their magic to create Genesis a world encompassing spell while the Dwarfs and Gnomes used their technology expertise to create the access bands. Years later Genesis is … Read more

Synopsis: Evil God’s World Game

“Art has nine categories, and I will recreate them one by one before you,” “My name is the God of Fiction, and I hold sway over all the dreams in this universe… now choose from the nine great arts.” “Choose literature, and you are not allowed to demand updates.” “Choose music, and you will become … Read more

Synopsis: There’s Must Something Wrong with My Undeads

After being expelled from the burial grounds, Heine summoned two undead creatures at home. But soon he realized something off about his undead. They seemed to know each other, chatting away inside his mind. They had played a game based on this world and knew it better than he did. Worse yet, they said his … Read more