Synopsis: Passionately Devoted to Loving You

Summer Plath was Jasper Miller’s sugar baby, and he hid her away in one of his mansions. She was not like other sugar babies. Jasper Miller picked her off the streets, and she remembered nothing that had happened in her life before that as she had lost her memory in an accident. She wanted nothing in life other than Jasper Miller. However, Jasper Miller saw her as nothing but a replacement for the woman he truly loved.“Jasper Miller, if I die one day, would you regret everything that you have done?”“Go ahead and die, then!”Summer Plath did not have any memories to call her own. Jasper Miller locked her up in a mansion and treated her like an idiot. She was a replacement, and he kept hurting her. However, one day, the little idiot who used to be completely under his control disappeared. Only then did he realize that it was too late.

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