Synopsis: Payment To the Alpha

What happens when a young girl, unbeknown to the world of creatures, meets the all mighty alpha? Avery Simmons is an 18 year old girl. She believes she has life all figured out. Love, school, work and family. James Knig is 23, powerful and ready to claim what is his. What will happen when Averys identity comes to life? what will happen when she finds out who she really is and that she has been sold to the most powerful alpha in the United States, before she was even born?Blurb:”Im not marrying you” I said as I slowly opened my eyes. My voice was trebling. ”Yes you are.” Was his only response before removing his hands and freeing me from the little cage I was put in. I let out a heavy sigh and then looked back up at him. Tears still streaming down my face. ” Whether it be by choice or by force Avery, you will marry me.” Follow James and Avery on their journey through hate, love, deceit, possevines, and power.

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