Synopsis: Payment to the mafia (Series)

I was stubborn and I will remain stubborn. Vengeance is my other name. When I want something, I make it mine. I want her. There has never been a moment where I’ve left a dept. I take whats mine specially when it’s from one of my rivals. The girl sitting in my car, Caroline thinks she is mine because her father owed me a debt, but that isn’t why she is sitting in my car beside me with her bottom sore inside and out. She’s wet, well-used, and coming with me whether she likes it or not because I decided I want her, and I take what I want. I am not a gentleman for sure. As a lawmaker’s daughter, she probably thought no man would dare lay a hand on her, let alone spank her thoroughly and then claim her beautiful body in the most shameful ways possible. She was wrong. Very, very wrong. She’s going to be mastered, and I won’t be gentle about it. I am her one and only master.

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