Synopsis: Perfect Avatar

Supernatural phenomena called Rift have caused the appearance of monsters and other disasters, gradually pushing the world toward its destruction. To face it, some humans having awakened various magical powers are fighting against this apocalypse.

Dora, one of them, has a special “Avatar” class which gives him access to every class, despite great difficulty leveling them up. But even with his enormous potential, he chose to appear incompetent to get kicked from his team, so that he could live a lazy life with his family. Still, his habit of fighting and beating the woman’s brother, the strongest in the Kingdom reveals his talents and she decides to enroll him in the royal academy.

Reluctant at first, his mother gives him the motivation he needs to pursue this path, but little did they know what kind of monster they had thrown into the world. Dora is not a hero wishing for peace, but a monster getting addicted to the taste of power, wealth, and freedom.

With the abnormal condition of his soul, he uses a strange system giving him a new vision of the world around him.

Dora pursues an unknown goal until he meets someone who knows more about his true nature than himself and sets him on a path that will nourish his eternal thirst, to the cost of his humanity, but in a world collapsing, isn’t a monster the greatest weapon?

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