Synopsis: Phantom Lord: First Throne of Horrors

Aeron, a young man who acquired a high affinity with curses and ghosts from childhood after a tragic car accident, is mystically summoned to a world reigned by the horrors of Haunts and Dark Ruins.

People walking the Phantom Hunter path protect the only seven safe locations where humanity can survive fighting Haunts and exploring Dark Ruins with the use of Spirit and Curse power.

But no one knew that a foreigner from a different world quietly arrived here at the machination of a certain will. Aeron didn’t know who sent him here and how he arrived, but in this world reined by terror, he was liberated.

Gods, Devils, Demons, Angels, and whatever cosmic and celestial entities out there….everyone will come to know the name of fear!

Join this thrilling tale of the one who will rise to be known as the Harbinger of Dread throughout the reality and beyond. He is the Fear Ruler. He is Phantom Lord. He is Aeron, the First Throne of Horrors!

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