Synopsis: Pokemon: Reborn as ash , Make up for your regrets and become stronger

On the first of his Pokemon journey, Ash/Satoshi awakened the memory of his past life and obtained A system will generate tasks and give all Pokemon related items. Knowing the trajectory of his future life, he decisively chose to make up for the regrets of his past life.

Pokemon releaser?

[You refused to release the pidgeot and received the reward: Potential Evolution Ribbon]

[You refused to send the primape and received the reward: MewtwoX Mega Evolution Stone]

Change the Region level and clear it?

[You use Champion Pikachu to defeat Rookie Trip. The opponent doubts his life and gets the reward: full Mastery of Aura]

Region competition companion runner?

[You defeat the mystrious trainer Tobias and get the reward: One of three creation dragons dragon of antimatter giratina; title: Dragon Lord]

Will you remain single* forever?

[You have obtained the “harem protagonist aura”, and the harmony of the harem +10]

Robbing Pokémon?

[You break paul’s leg and send him to a juvenile detention center and get the reward: “One ball into the soul” title (throwing a Poké Ball has a probability of directly recovering the mythical Pokémon) ]

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