Synopsis: Putting Half My House In Your Name

The runaway Chen Enci, upon first meeting Qin Jie, mistook him for the landlord: “Renting your room and bed!”
Chen Enci, who moved into Qin Jie’s house, woke up hungry in the middle of the night and knocked on Qin Jie’s door: “Renting pots and pans!”
A month later, Chen Enci saw Qin Jie bring home a pretty lady. He lingered at the front door before banging on Qin Jie’s door: “Renting bathroom, facial cleanser, and shower gel!”
Half a year later, Chen Enci, drunk, leaned into Qin Jie’s arms under the influence: “Renting… you!”

We have all become the people we dreamed of being.
We haven’t forgotten each other.
The alternate title of this book is “You Above the Milky Way”.

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