Synopsis: Quests of the Wanderer

“Sigh, an unknown magical world, as always an unreliable system that can only give me a simple quest without any note-worthy reward, but powerful enough to reverse time after my death to assist me on my journey, beautiful ladies to conquer—now, this is what I call a new beginning. Nothing can go wrong now; perfect…”

[ Game Over! ]

“Huh? Which poor guy’s body lying on the ground with an axe stuck in the back of my head? Wait, F*ck! How did I become a ghost?”

“Wait, what!? Did I die at the hands of two pitiful goblins? Don’t people say they’re the weakest and known as the shame of the monster clan? Also, why can they speak in human language?”

[ *Ding! Warning: Please select a saved file within the next 10 seconds to review; otherwise, the Host’s soul will be erased from existence by the defensive rule of this world, and the Host will die permanently. ]

“F*ck, there’s a timeout setting too? Hey, okay, okay, I understand…

“What! Do I really have to f*ck this female orc if I want to save my life? Although I don’t mind, but how do I f*ck her? She’s so damn big; my little brother isn’t enough to make her tickle…

“Whoa, that milf female goblin is damn hot. Who says goblins are ugly as shit? They’re clearly very beautiful, at least the females are…

Sent to another world by bad luck, Ash stood before a towering 100-meter tree, sighing in helplessness. Overcoming suffering and death, he found a safe zone with the system’s guidance. However, as a destitute ghost, he faced a new challenge—no money for food, possibly spending the night in a cold alley. After enduring half a month of hardship while doing simple chores, he scraped enough together to buy a sword. Finally, he started his journey to explore the uncharted territories ahead and fulfill his dream of becoming the greatest adventurer.

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