Synopsis: Re: Player

Being thrown into the game-world of [Call of the Black Magicians], Adam was forced to survive with no prior information.

Except for his memories of the Game-World and his name, he did not have any memories of his previous life.

But fret not, even though the Game-World had many perils and was on the verge of extinction at every next step, it also had its beauty and magic, one to die for.

With the authority of [Player], he could save and restart until he achieved his desired result.

He could learn skills of the ‘NPCs’ and achieve the results like the ‘Players.’

He could literally solo the entire game world to achieve his desired results. Whether he wants to save the world or destroy it, he could do it… as many times as he wishes.

Even the [Black Magicians] won’t be able to do anything about it… probably.

But was it all there was to it?

[Beta Version 0.1 will begin in 6 Months: 29 days: 23 Hours!]

I guess not…

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