Synopsis: Reborn as a Skeleton with a System

The story begins with Philip, a young necromancer who inadvertently turns his uncle into a skeleton monster whom Jason Todd a soul from earth comes to possess, sparking a desperate escape from the confines of Border Town. Initially scorned as a weakling, Jason’s with the help of a system, against insurmountable odds becomes a true godly figure.

Over the first three years, through trials and relentless leveling, Jason emerges from the shadows of the Undead Mountains as the revered Undead Knight under the Moonlight. His legend grows as he conquers the underground maze, earning the title of the lone king of bones, a ruler who sits unchallenged upon his throne. With each challenge surmounted, Jason’s strength and abilities grow exponentially, his reputation spreading like wildfire across the realms.

Thirty years into his journey, Jason achieves the unimaginable, breaking through the devil abyss. This feat earns him the awe-inspiring moniker of the angel of death, a being whose mere presence evokes fear and admiration. Jason’s transformation from a hunted skeleton into a figure of immense power challenges the very foundations of the world, setting the stage for a confrontation with entities beyond mortal comprehension.

After a century of relentless pursuit of power and mastery over death itself, Jason stands at the pinnacle of existence. His gaze sweeps across many planes, instilling terror in the hearts of gods and mortals alike. At this moment of triumphant full leveling, an unexpected twist reveals the true nature of Jason’s journey.

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