Synopsis: Reborn: Instead of Chasing the School Beauty, I Chased Her Mother

Young and ignorant, I didn’t recognize Auntie’s worth, mistakenly cherishing the maiden like a treasure!
Li Zhiyan, strung along by the campus belle, was reborn with a Wimpy System, back to the year 2010, to the very day he stood at the graduation party with a bouquet of flowers ready to confess to the campus belle Yu Sisi, about to be publicly rejected and become the laughingstock of his classmates for years to come.
He glanced at the 41-year-old Aunt Gu Wanzhou beside him, mature, intellectual, elegant, kind, understanding of others’ feelings, never fighting for the spotlight.
Li Zhiyan decisively picked up the flowers and made a public confession to the charming Auntie.
“Aunt Gu, actually, I’ve liked you for a long time.”

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