Synopsis: Reincarnated With A Glitched System: Why Is My MP Not Running Out?

After living a life filled with hardships and suffering which ended in her ultimate sacrifice to protect her family and defeat the foes that she hated the most, our protagonist suddenly finds herself being brought to a white space where a God of Reincarnation quickly realizes he committed a mistake.

“Wait, you’re not from Earth?! Oh, my bad!”

After being mistaken for a “good soul” due to her high positive karma count, she is reincarnated by error and given a glitched system as her only gift to explore this new world. Now, she finds herself being reincarnated as a half-elf girl named Sylph with two loving and doting parents.
However, as she grows up, she begins to find weird things…

“Why is my father just slaying a dragon leisurely?”

“Eh? My mother can heal any wound or disease?!”

“Wait! Why is my MP never running out? What’s going on in here?!”

Join Sylph as she explores a new world of endless possibilities, fights against the ghosts of the past that torment her parents’ lives, discovers herself and makes good friends along the way. Who knows? Perhaps this time she’ll even save the world!

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