Synopsis: Rejected to be His Luna

Zeve was bullied and abused in her pack because she was ‘different’ from the others girls in her pack. Her life was hell with only one spark of hope her mate, Chaz Enver. Chaz helped her love herself again, but just when they were about to get married, the strongest alpha also the most dreaded attacked her pack. He not only killed Chaz right before her eyes, but also forced him to reject her before slitting his throat. Fearing him she runs to save her life, but he finds her but not to kill her, but to make her His Luna. Who is this mysterious man? Why is he chasing after Zeve? Why did he forcefully severe their mate bond? Why did he kill Chaz? What will Zeve do when she discovers a little more about the Alpha? What will she do when she finds out that the person she thought to be the villain of her story was actually the one who protected her? Will love spark between them or will the flames of hatred engulf the two hearts? Will the man as cold as perpetual nights, shed his icy walls for Zeve or will he end up becoming her worst nightmare? As the story unfurls fates and destinies take a sharp turn with vampires, magic and mystery of a world where the ‘day’ is dead and all that’s left for warmth in the perpetual night is love. Read to discover the real truth and solve mysteries of a world that hadn’t witnessed days for ages and was constantly drowning in nights.

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