Synopsis: Return of the Silver Devil

Torn from his friends and family after the brutal death of his Mother, a Young Zariel is tossed into the Nine Hells for the Sin of Existing. Viciously tormented by the Lords of Hell, he escapes with the help of the Weave. Broken and Defeated by Hell’s torment, he awakens in a foreign world within the Realm of Aether, lost and alone.

Destined to be the Eternal Villain, Zariel arms himself against Gods and Demons and the Heros of Myth and Legends: King Arthur and his Holy Sword, Excalibur. Sigfried and his Demonic Blade, Gram and Beowulf, and his Devil.

Zariel sets out on a journey toward the Eternal Heavens and the Nine Hells, unsure of what awaits him.

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