Synopsis: Rise Of The Human God Of War

In the future, living forever is no longer just a dream. But it is a reality only for the wealthy.
Karl Hampton is one of those one-percenters, and he is offered his chance, at 85 years old, to start living a never-ending life.
Phoenix Co., a newcomer in the industry of life expansion with a brand new patented method, pitches their offer to him, and he accepts.
With a scan of his mind and a sleep of 20 years, the time needed for their clones to grow, he’s all set.
But nothing ever goes as planned in life.
Waking up in a body that isn’t his, in an era way past his own, Karl soon realizes that his mind is no longer just his and that his unsuspected brain buddy is here to stay.
Which will come in handy, as war is on humanity’s doorstep.
Come witness The Rise of the Human God of War.

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