Synopsis: Rising Shadows: Uchiha’s Wrath ( Hiatus)

Reborn in the Naruto world, Kaito becomes a ninja of the Uchiha clan. The night of extermination is almost upon Uchiha Kaito. And he does not even have a golden finger or system! “How am I supposed to protect my Uchiha relatives and clansmen?’ At the critical moment, the system finally awakened! “It has been detected that the host kekkei genkai has reached a bottleneck!” “It is detected that the host’s Jonin-level chakra has reached a bottleneck, and it has been upgraded to the Kage rank!” “It is detected that the host’s Fire Style · Fire Ball Technique (B) has reached a bottleneck and has advanced to Fire Style · Great Fireball Technique (A)!”(PS: I read this book from an author on Webnovel who had just copied from another site or just done a poorly written MTL.

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