Synopsis: Savvy Son-in-law

A wife who thinks with her vagina and thinks the worst of her husband, a mother-in-law who twists words for her own benefit, a father-in-law who’s a multi-millionaire but is stingier than a beggar, and many more in-laws who can spew empty words much better than any popular politician out there. And there’s rarely anything they all ever agree on, except when it comes to mocking their one and only son-in-law to the point they put the workers in their villa above him. They take out all their frustrations on him and humiliate him to the bone and beyond at every possible opportunity. However, like the inevitable judgment day, the day their reality turns upside down inches closer, the same day when the wife’s ego gets eaten and the in-laws’ faces turn ashen as a newborn calf’s first poop, and that’s just the start of a savvy show.

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