Synopsis: Scarred Alphas

An angry soul is what you might call Cass, but what else could she have turned into when all her life she had been rejected and unfairly punished? By her pack and even her fated mate Ezra. The man who is supposed to be her pillar, her lover. A man whom the moon goddess herself deemed to be hers and she his. But then, why does he hurt her so?

With a scowl on his face, my mate stares down at me. Ezra, finally home! the beta greets him. Ezra rips his green eyes from me and gives him a nod. Yes, finally home for good. What?! That can’t be! Mates who find each other create an imprinting bond. With this, we can feel more attraction towards each other but we can also feel betrayal even when we are not marked, this includes unfaithfulness.

He has made it his mission to make me feel pain every time he can just like this morning in the kitchen when he probably slept with one of the easy girls from the pack. I knew it was a welcome gift from him. He hates me. Well if he doesn’t want her, if he doesn’t see the value in her, someone else definitely does and he will stop at nothing to have her. But, will her hidden power change that? Will the daughter of a madman change how this stranger feels for her?

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