Synopsis: Secret Obsession

“It was a mistake! I apologized already,” feeling so terrified as I moved backward.”You should have known me better than this, little sparrow,” He chuckled deeply, his gaze fixed on me.”Lucas please!” I cried, now stopped by the wall as my heart beats faintly.”Don’t worry it’s just a little game, you and I will play, you’ll love it, little sparrow,” He smirked.I knew this was a trick, Ben lied when he said he wouldn’t hurt me and I stupidly fell into the trap.Now, I was alone with him and in his room.I think this is the time for me to announce my funeral…”Strip!” His cold voice snapped me out,as he stared at me with a deadpan expression while I gazed at him in ultra shock. Camilla Evans is a gentle nerd in her finals at Watermark Highschool. As a nerd, the stereotypical notion of her wearing thick rimmed glasses, out-of-vogue clothes and shoes which were eighty percent of the time, twice her size still stands. Having been at the bottom of the food chain in Watermark Highschool, Camilla was liable to predators and the most annoying one of them all went by the name, Lucas Liam.Camilla had no idea why the hottest guy in school would even spare her a glance not to mention actually spending the whole day bullying and teasing her to no end.Could there be something else to these false acts of bully and teases from Lucas?Find out what happens when the Cheerleader, Jenny Layton put Camilla’s life at stake?Will she be able to handle all the torments she’s passing through especially when her mum died and her sister left her behind?

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