Synopsis: Sentenced to Marriage

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” I choked out. “You stuck your nose into my private matters,” he hissed. “No one can sentence me without proof,” I challenged him. He straightened up. Any traces of a smile abruptly disappeared from his face. “You still don’t get it, do you? I own this city. It means that if I say you go to jail, that means you go to jail.” He leaned over me again, his stare piercing right through me, “And if I say that I want you, that means you are already mine.” My jaw tensed as I resisted an urge to talk back. This wasn’t a battle I could win, and this wasn’t a man I could win against… How did I get myself into all that mess?! *** My name is Cora Bell, and I’m about to marry Aren Lan, New York’s most wanted bachelor. A dream come true? I highly doubt that. The guy is an arrogant, wealthy beyond imagination, asshole. Not to mention that our relationship is based solely on a contract, a contract I was forced to sign when I accidentally ruined this guy’s engagement… I used to dream of a simple life. I wanted to graduate from university and work as a software programmer, but my fate chose a different path for me to follow. First, I had to give up on my studies to take care of dear Grandma, and now I’m forced to play the role of a manipulative jerk’s loving fiancĂ©e! The problem is that my husband-to-be is insanely sexy and enjoys teasing me a bit too much. How the hell am I going to survive being close to him throughout the two years of our fake marriage?!

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