Synopsis: Shocking the Whole Internet! You Are Not a Psychologist at All!

Chen Yu unexpectedly obtained a heavenly book, gaining the ability to peek into the secrets of the universe. As long as he helped others change their fate, he could gain the cultivation to become an immortal.
For this reason, Chen Yu started to live stream psychological counseling. In the live room, the viewers were all shocked.
“Is this what psychological counseling is like nowadays? Can they even know the past and future?”
“This isn’t a psychologist. This is a master!”
“Dr. Chen, please accept me as your disciple.”
As the live stream became popular, some people who didn’t believe in it or just wanted to ride the trend joined in and contacted Chen Yu. As a result, they ended up in jail and even exposing long-standing difficult cases.
Being such a talented person, Chen Yu naturally caught the attention of higher-ups.
“I don’t know the location of the murderer, but I can try to use criminal psychology to help analyze it.”
“Number 5 Ping’an Street in the old city, the first room on the left.”
“In another half an hour, he will wake up and commit another crime.”

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