Synopsis: Sir Ares, Goodnight!

Even after two lifetimes, Rose still could not melt the ice-cold heart of Jay Ares. Heartbroken, she decides to live under the guise of an idiot, tricking him and running away with their two children. This infuriates Sir Ares to no end, and everyone around them is certain that this will prove to be Rose’s ultimate demise. However, upon the next day, the great Sir Ares is seen getting down on one knee in the middle of the street, coaxing the little brat, “Please be good and come home with me!” “I will, but only if you agree to my terms!”“Speak your mind!”“You are not allowed to bully me, lie to me, and especially not show your displeased face at me. You must always regard me as the most beautiful person, and you must smile whenever I cross your mind…”“Fine!”Onlookers are floored at sight of this! Is this the myth of how there is a counter to all things? Sir Ares seems to be at his wit’s end, this little fox of his own creation has outwitted him. Since he cannot discipline her, he will spoil her to the end of her own discredit instead!

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