Synopsis: Sold to the Alpha

Her family has fallen from grace, but Aria never thought she could fall quite this far!When her father, the Alpha of their pack, looses everything, Aria is forced to leave her homeland and travel north. Her new surroundings are nothing like the lavish lifestyle she’s used to, but she vows to make the most of it.Until her parents tell her that she’s been sold to the Alpha of another pack, a rival pack. Aria can’t believe this is happening to her! But what can she do about it?In her new home, she meets the Alpha’s son, next in charge to be Alpha, Sebastian, and is immediately attracted to him. But how can she trust him when his father is so cruel?When Aria discovers her family has been murdered, she thinks its Sebastian’s family behind it. Will this betrayal tear them apart or will Sebastian prove his innocence and his love for Aria?

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