Synopsis: Sold To The Untouchable Alpha

“You gonna spank me, uncle?” That was it. Surging forward I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. I could easily feel her heart beating steadily against my chest. Clearly she was taking all of this as a joke and I would need to prove to her I meant what I said. “You know,” I husked leaning close to her ear. “Spanking you doesn’t sound half bad.” Letting an amused laugh escape me, I did just that. I smacked her amazing ass and squeezed enjoying the feel of it in my hand. Damn, she was going to make controlling myself hard. Arissa Armondi was born to be the alpha heir of her pack. However, once she discovers she doesn’t have a wolf, she becomes nothing more than an omega and her life of promise comes crashing down right before her eyes. Thrown into a life of kill or be killed, she becomes nothing more than a killing machine with a strong desire for blood and a wall of steel against the outside world. Ivan Fredrickson is the war hero alpha with a strong sense of right and wrong. He lives his life by the rules and has no time for love or mates. Therefore, he decides to find an omega to help bear him an heir to one day lead his pack. This desire causes Ivan and Arissa’s paths to cross and so begins their love/hate relationship. What will happen when Ivan begins to realize that he and Arissa are mates? Will they be able to move past their demons and grow closer?

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