Synopsis: Spoiled and Pampered by my Cold CEO Husband

Avery couldn’t accept the sudden changes in him. “Why are you being nice and sweet all of a sudden?” Anderson inched closer and she could feel his breath on her face. “Because you are my wife. Only my wife deserves my sweetness.” At twenty four, Anderson Crown was the acting CEO of his father’s trillion dollar multinational company. He was hot and a die for yet, he was so cold. When it was time for him to assume the position of CEO wholly, he wouldn’t accept it without Avery Smith by his side as a wife. Therefore, an arranged marriage was the best option, but why? Avery Smith was the shy intern in the accounts department. When she reluctantly succumbed to her parents’ demand to marry Anderson to save their business, she grew hatred towards him because her heart was already taken. She vowed to her boyfriend that she would frustrate Anderson’s life to make him divorce her but was surprised when she realized after the marriage, that Anderson wasn’t who she thought he was. So what happens when she begins to fall head over heels in love with Anderson, and her ex boyfriend appears to claim her as promised? Will she keep to her vow or will she stay true to what her heart feels?

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