“Why are you doing this?” He sighed as he walked around the bed to my side but he didn’t answer. He leaned closer, and I closed my eyes. I could hear our heartbeats, and I could hear his breathing as well. If I didn’t see how cold he was to me, I would have thought he was affected by me. But I knew better. I felt the shackle tighten around my neck as tears streamed down my face. It hurt that I had to be shackled, but what hurt the most was that it was my mate doing this. “Fuck.” I heard him mutter under his breath. My hand was hoisted up and the chain around my wrist loosened. “Let’s go.” I wiped the tears from my cheeks as I stood up and followed him. I refused to look at him. I didn’t know which was better, the chain or the shackle. Because regardless of what I had, they both meant the same thing – I was nothing but a mere rogue to him.  ¤¤¤¤¤ Stealing The Heart of My Alpha is the final installment in the Black Shadow Pack Series. While the story stands alone, I recommend that you read the series and the spin-off novels to gain a better understanding of the characters and the world I created.

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