Synopsis: Stop It, She’s Remarrying!

Fia Lawson had been in love with Conrad Maxwell for years. She knew that he had a childhood friend whom he loved, so she hid her feelings for him in the deepest part of herself. She never had any expectations about it. Then one day, his beloved suddenly left the country and she was forced to become the sacrificial lamb for their families’ alliance. After their marriage, he was the perfect husband. Even when he knew that she was infertile, he protected her. Three years later, while she was still drowning in bliss, he asked for a divorce and wanted her to set him free.“I’m pregnant.”“You’re lying. You’re infertile.”She finally had a child after being on medication for two years. She wanted to keep their marriage from falling apart.“Our marriage is a mistake. If we’re going to separate, we should cut each other off completely!”The only thing that could match the level of anguish she felt was how deep her love was for him.

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