Synopsis: Stop it, Taoist, Your Fight almost Ruins the DAO!

The world plummets; who shall uphold the heavens?
Demons spawn from earth and sky, the Taoist stands valiant and resolute.
I am Yi Chen, ‘Chen’ as in dust, styled Yi Chengzi, eighteen years old, fearful of violent evil spirits, fond of making money.
With a cold heart and ruthless hands, he transmigrated to a bizarre world where goblins and malevolent spirits dwell, becoming the eldest senior brother of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, and as his master lay dying, he entrusted Yi Chengzi with the duty to uphold the path of benevolence and righteousness, to take good care of his younger Taoist brothers; he promised he would.
However, his understanding of the path of benevolence and righteousness differed slightly from that of his master.
What is benevolence? Slicing evil men and ghosts in half is benevolence.
What is righteousness? Smashing the heads of evil men and ghosts into their chests completes righteousness.
After his master’s death, unable to awaken ‘spiritual essence’ for cultivation, he set upon an unorthodox path of cultivation with the help of the Golden Finger.
Facing the wolves eager for a fight after his master’s demise, he struck with heavy fists, understanding the true essence of righteousness.
Confronting the malevolent spirits that stood in his way, he naturally reformed them with the iron fists of love.
He slew demons, exorcised evil, and tested his sword against various spiritual cultivators, enjoying the landscapes of the world.
When he reached the summit and looked around, he was shocked to find that demons were but minor afflictions and that this land and sky were falling… A millennium-long scheme, an eternal enigma, slowly unveiled itself.
Strange, it has arrived, and it does not die or perish.
Witnessing this scene, Yi Chen laughed. Even the malevolent dogs passing by his Taoist abode had to endure a couple of slaps; how dare someone be so disrespectful to him?
Yi Taoist stomped one foot and soared into the heavens!
The onlookers exclaimed in shock, “Taoist, stop fighting, the great ‘Dao’ is nearly worn away!”

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