Synopsis: Stranded on a Desert Island with Beauties—It’s Simply Paradise!

What’s it like to be stranded on a deserted island with a group of beautiful women?

“Oh no, I’m surrounded by beautiful women!”

After being reborn, I just wanted to live a normal life, but then I ended up in a plane crash. Why did such a hellish start happen to me?

Don’t get your hopes up, or I’m afraid even the heavens might start looking out for me.

Miraculously surviving a great disaster, I found myself on a deserted island with a group of beautiful women.

As the only man on the island, I needed to step up!

Once, in the big city, I served them to survive.

Now, they serve me for their survival. That’s not too much to ask, right?

After some exploration, I discovered that the island was full of dangers at every turn.

To survive, I had to support and take care of each other with these various beautiful women.

But honestly, surviving on a deserted island with goddesses is too thrilling!

I feel like I’m being completely drained,

This is practically heaven!

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