Synopsis: Strongest Villain: Starting from Stealing Protagnoist’s Sister

Chu Feng transmigrated into the world of a novel where he was destined to die. But with prior knowledge of the plot, he held onto the empress’s thighs and became her trusted confidant.

He dismantled families who opposed the empress and ultimately brought ruin upon the protagonist’s household. He imprisoned Lu Chen’s parents and captured his older sister.

“Lu Qingxue, your parents are in jail, awaiting execution next week. Your brother is safe since he isn’t in this city,” he informed her.

“I…I’ll do anything. Just please don’t harm them,” she replied, speaking with a soft, barely audible voice.

“Is that so?” he questioned, comfortably sitting on the bed with his legs crossed. “Show me your dedication.”

“Yes,” she answered with teary eyes, nervously approaching Chu Feng. She removed her white dress, exposing her flawless skin.

Lu Qingxue showed her dedication thoroughly.

Tag: Blackmail, forced, R*pe, MC ntring others, loli, master-disciple, etc.

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