Synopsis: Supreme Archer: Taking The Game’s Weakest Class To The Top

“You’re worth a single arrow.”

The first immersive virtual MMORPG, The Legend Enigma Online, has conquered the game market! There’s not even one person who hasn’t heard or seen this game’s beautiful and vast magical world.

Everyone wanted to play this game and be a part of history!

Conjuring magic, wielding enormous swords, and even flying across the skies are possible in this game! Guns, arrows? Those are boring compared to this!

Jake, however, was compelled to think differently.

When the archery became abandoned and forgotten, he took this class and swore to prove others wrong, all because he likes to go against the mainstream!

With the bow in his hand, Jake finds passion, talent, and excitement in archery, but will that be enough against the challenges the world keeps for him?

It’s not only the players that find archery weaker than magic. After the dawn of mana, which happened over two hundred years ago, even NPCs prefer magic over bows.

While the other classes have been developed so much by NPCs that players have many luxuries to pick from, the archery is now a mere shadow of its past.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of the future Supreme Archer’s difficulties!

“No matter whatever it is and how long it takes, I’ll take everything on and get my archery to the top! The archery where I’m the master and artisan of my bows and arrows, the tailor of my equipment, and pioneer of my own skills!”

Hard work, talent, bitter defeats, and uproarious victories–none of it is foreign to Jake!

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