Synopsis: Sweet Revenge With My Mafia Alpha

“It was a deal with the mafia boss, a supreme alpha in the shadows.”

A bargain with the Mafia, the Petrov family, was when her life took a twisted turn. After losing her parents and freedom, Adeline sought revenge. Her first step was to get involved with the next Don of a rival mafia group, and what could be more shameful for the Petrov family than finding out that she had submitted herself to the Kuznetsov heir?

Caesar Romanovich Kuznetsov, the Russian mafia often called ‘Tzar’ by humans, was the only man who could bring down her enemies. However, Adeline was unaware of the bizarre connection between them. Caesar desired nothing more than power—to instill fear and dominate his enemies. But that was until…he met the forced wife of his enemy.

Fascination, thrill, and the need to bring her undone… Imagine his surprise.

He wouldn’t flinch from burning the whole world if that’s what Adeline wished. But in exchange for sealing the deal, Caesar wanted nothing more than a mere kiss from his mate!

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