Synopsis: Take Me Back: The Alpha’s Regret

“Of all people, why you?” His words were like daggers, piercing through the depths of my soul, shredding my heart into pieces. He ran his fingers through his messy, sexy-looking hair, cursing under his breath a couple of times. Disappointment, anger, and disbelief radiated from his aura. “But why, Adrian?” I asked, my voice breaking. Was I too ugly or undesirable for him to show this level of contempt for having me as his mate? “Isn’t it obvious? I don’t want you. I need a strong Luna by my side, and your sister, being a shifter, is an obvious choice. I can’t love a weak, regular-looking she-wolf like you. Don’t you understand? This mateship is a mistake. I can’t be mated with you. It’s shameful. You will only embarrass me.” Aria Williams was devastated when her mate, Adrian Patterson, rejected her in favor of her sister, Cassie. Heartbroken, she decided to live as a rogue. For two years, she had learned to put everything behind her and move on with her life. But one night changed everything, prompting her to look back and confront the one person she had been running away from. Is she ready to confront the ghosts of her past? More so, is she ready to claim the destiny that the Moon Goddess has bestowed upon her?

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