Synopsis: The Alpha King’s Possession

“I want this woman from your kingdom as my slave.” “The woman in your hold is my sister, Morgana, the one and only princess of the kingdom. Our most prized possession… To pay for her crime, she is yours from this day forth. In a world where only the strongest survive and in a kingdom where women are looked down upon, Morgana Aton is the vampire princess who refuses to be silenced. Strong, passionate and fearless. Her heart set on finding and assassinating the man who killed the late king, her father. Only to fail and be taken as a prisoner by the Alpha King himself. Kian Araqiel, the Alpha King who is feared throughout the land. Learns his mate is a vampire in the Sanguine Empire. Only for her to attempt to kill him. Angered and hating the fact that he is mated to a blood sucker, he takes her as a prisoner and brings her to his kingdom. But did he really think he could defy the power of the mate bond, especially when she is a constant temptation that he tries to fight? In a game of passion and hate will they overcome their differences and unite to face a greater threat that now looms upon them?

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