Synopsis: The Alpha’s Fight for His Omega

Chastity is an Omega in her pack, and made into the slave to the pack house at age 12. For years she suffered abuse in silence at the hands of her step-mother, and several other females she slaved for. Despite the life she lived she dreamed of two things. The first to be allowed to go to college to become a nurse, and midwife. The second was to find her mate. Unfortunately she discovers her mate is the future Alpha of her pack Rowen, and he rejects her, but instantly regrets it.. His rejection was followed by a beating that almost cost her her very life. It was her oldest brother, and the only one to ever really show her love. Now Chastity has a chance to live her dream while Rowen has to fight to gain her trust. and get her to accept him as her mate. It’s going to be hard, but he’s willing to do everything he can to have her. Even though she will be living away from the pack for the next 3 years to finish the education she worked so hard for.

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