Synopsis: The Alpha’s Girl Series

The Alpha’s Girl will now contain Book 1 and Book 2, The Warrior’s Woman.As a little girl, Olivia was convinced that supernatural creatures were real. After all, she had met a werewolf in her own backyard. Unfortunately, no one believed her. She lost all of her friends at school for being the weird girl, and her parents were convinced that she was insane. A decade of research and searching went by until she finally found him again. Her mate. The Alpha. When her family hears that she is talking about the existence of supernatural creatures again, they decide that enough is enough. Since going to doctors and therapists didn’t work, they decided to send her away to the only place that could help her, and protect their other daughter from Olivia’s instability and hallucinations. An asylum. Alpha Gabriel is livid and wants his mate back. When he finds out the love of his life was taken away, he prepares his army to do anything that it would take to get her back. Little does he know that the enemy to his kind runs the facility, feeding off of the patients and keeping them locked up for eternity.

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