Synopsis: THE BETA AND I

Catherine Galhart had saved herself for the only man she ever paid attention to, only for fate to crush her young heart when he came home with his fated mate in his arms. Lost and heartbroken, she ran and hid as she slowly picked up her broken pieces. But when she thought everything was finally falling into place and she was ready to accept the love she felt she deserved, life threw another reality in her face — a destiny she could never escape. Will she finally cave in and let fate take control of her life? Or will she keep fighting for the life she knew she wanted from the very beginning? Join Catherine as she embarks on the journey from love lost to self-discovery, family, and friendship to finding a love worth fighting for. ***** THE ALPHA BLOOD CIRCLE: Book 1: She’s The Luna I Want Book 2: The Beta and I Although this book can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading Book 1 to understand the characters and the concept of the Claiming. ***** Follow me on my I G and F B for updates and teasers – author.cassa.m

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