Synopsis: The Billionaire Broken Wife

Raped, betrayed, and losing the most important thing to her, Alissa has to do whatever it takes to protect her future but what happens when Daniel, her estranged husband returns and dares to claim what is rightfully his? Reuniting with Daniel Walton after three long years forces Alissa Perez to recall the dark chapters of her life when she was raped by Daniel’s twin brother, Clarke, and forced to marry Daniel when Clarke disappeared. When an accident made her lose her baby, fear push her to leave her nightmare with the only thing that matters to her. Her miracle baby, Hope. Marrying sweet Alissa was never as bad as what others try to make it to be. However, on the verge of anger, he had hurt her and forced to watch her leave his life until she became his new assistant when he partnered with the company she works in. Knowing the life, she has hidden from him, Daniel swore to do whatever it takes to have the woman of his dreams back into his arms and in their home. Things become complicated when Clarke returns and just like his brother, he will do whatever it takes to mend his mistakes to the innocent woman he has wronged. Who will win back Alissa’s heart? Warning: Sexual assault and violent scene… The Broken Billionaire Series comes in lists of gorgeous stories that dive into the craziest of emotions and heartfelt messages that will make sure to fully entertain you in the best way possible. Do take note that my first language is not English so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mishap.

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