Synopsis: The CEO Irresistible Ex-Wife

Nora Jackson got married through an arranged marriage. During the 3 years, she did her part as a good wife but then this didn’t soften her husband’s cold heart. The man never looked at her differently. Daniel Wilson was only interested in what her body could offer him. According to him, Nora was good in bed, she was just irresistible. She could satisfy his wildest fantasies but he couldn’t allow himself to fall in love with her. Nora patiently waited for him until the worst happened. His childhood sweet heart came back and everything didn’t make sense any more. The day she caught him in his lover’s house while she was practically naked, Nora decided that she was done with him. She gave up on their marriage and gave him the divorce papers. When Nora saw the disbelief in his cold eyes, she said” You were forced to marry me but I have realized that you will never love me. This is your chance to get rid of me and be with the love of your life” “Alright let us get divorced” he agreed arrogantly. Daniel later discovered her secret identity that she was the mysterious cardiologist that he has been searching for the last 3 years. He couldn’t help but ask” Nora, how can I repay you? At least let me make it up to you by remarrying you” he continued talking nonsense but Nora wasn’t interested, she was past this. “I have no interest in marrying a person like you, aren’t you supposed to be getting married to the woman you love?” “I can cancel the wedding for your sake”

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