Synopsis: The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets

She spent two years devoting herself to him and loving him like crazy. Suddenly, one day he gave her a cheque and told her to leave. Tessa felt a heartbreak like no other when she realised she was just a substitute for Aaron Wentworth’s crush. Once his crush returned, he didn’t hesitate to cast her aside like trash. Tessa left but returned five years later as a better version of herself. Not only that, but she had three little cuties following her around, calling her mommy. … “Tessa, you’ve changed,” Aaron said, noticing how she carried herself with an air of confidence but Tessa scoffed. “Don’t worry, Mr Wentworth. I didn’t change for you.” … Aaron Wentworth was shocked as he looked at the three adorable cute faces looking up at him. When he found out Tessa had returned to the City, he used his resources to find her. But he found her three children instead. “Little ones, where’s your daddy?” he asked, wondering if Tessa had gotten married while she was away. “We don’t have a daddy, Mr handsome. Can you be our daddy?”

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