Synopsis: The CEO’s Dirty Little Secret

Evelyn Bright has a secret. She’s involved with a man she can’t publicly acknowledge Roman Ashfield, the most charming CEO in all of England. Every Friday, Roman dedicates a few hours to be with Evelyn, enjoying some quality time together for a considerable fee. Other than that, they have no other contact. We need to talk. Can you come over on Saturday? Evelyn’s text sent Roman’s heart sinking.

It was happening sooner than he anticipated. Just like other girls in the past, Evelyn might be gearing up to spill her guts about her feelings for him. And Roman, to avoid getting bogged down, would call it quits on their deal, giving Evelyn until the end of the month to vacate. Of course, he considered another possibility Evelyn had his child. Roman frowned. Evelyn made him feel somewhat different, but if this was indeed the case, he had to act. He hated feeling trapped by women.

I don’t have the time, he replied coldly. Despite his words, on Saturday evening, he still found himself at the villa. The villa was dark, and Evelyn wasn’t at the door to greet him as usual. Soon enough, Roman realized he was the only one in the villa. Upon spotting an envelope on the living room table, he quickly tore it open and read: Thank you for your time, but I’m afraid we have to part ways. I can no longer be under your employ.

I’m sorry for the short notice, but you will find everything exactly how I found it the day I moved in. The phone you gave me is on my bedside table. I will accept any penalties for breaching my contract. Anger surged within him as he crumpled the note. He dialed the head of security at the other house.

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