Synopsis: The CEO’s Ex-Wife Returns With Triplets

“What do you want? What do you wish for?” “My wish is that you fall in love with me again.” Taylor Wright’s only wish was for the man she loves to treat her with love and respect, and a love that the world would envy, and that was why for years, she kept her feelings for Bryan Anderson a secret. Fortunately, the opportunity came, and an arranged marriage happened between them. Sadly, that was just the beginning of her suffering. 2 years later, Bryan got what he wanted and handed a divorce paper to her. He said, “You and I know how this marriage started. It’s time for you to leave.” One thing Taylor was taught by her mom was never to beg a man’s love. With the remaining pieces of her heart shattered, she signs the divorce papers and walks out of his life without realizing she was pregnant. This was just the beginning. 3 years later, an unforeseen circumstance brings Taylor back to where it all started and the first person she encounters is her ex husband. “I want you back, Taylor.” “Mr Bryan Anderson,” There was a smirk on her face. “This was me a long time ago, but not anymore. Now, all I want is to see you suffer and beg for my love just like I did in the past.” Now, the ball is in her court and it’s time to play with the heart of the man she was once madly in love with. How does it really end when she’s being betrayed for a second time?

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