Synopsis: The Cold Hearted CEO Wants Me Back!

At 18, He asked her to accompany him to the prom and she agreed because she liked him. At 23, He asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend, and she agreed because she loved him. At 25 he asked her to be his fiancee and she agreed, all because she wanted him to be hers forever. But now at 27, he’s decided to break the 2 years of engagement to marry his true love and this time he did not ask. He simply decided that it was all over and he didn’t need her. All the years, she followed him like a lovesick puppy only to get her heart broken mercilessly. The fairy tale she was living in vanished with just a simple blink. But too bad, she knew how to cure her broken heart and stand up again. But then what’s wrong with him? Why is he behaving like a possessive fiancĂ© all of sudden? Why the sudden change of heart? Shouldn’t he be with his lover instead of trying to hold her captive? Wasn’t he the one who said she’s not the one for him and he didn’t want her? Why was he behaving like a jealous husband? Does it mean The Cold-Hearted CEO Wants Her Back?

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