Synopsis: The Copy Warrior

In a wild and unforgiving world where sects and clans fight for survival in harsh and untamed lands, we follow the journey of Seth, a young man from the Misty Woods Tribe. His peaceful life is shattered when a powerful coalition invades his village and brutally massacres his people.

Seth survives after being ordered to flee with other members of the tribe, consumed by an insatiable desire for revenge. Determined to seek justice for the lost lives of his tribe and the tarnished honor of his name, he embarks on an epic journey through treacherous and dangerous lands.

Accompanied by his fellow tribesmen and unwavering determination, Seth faces many odds to achieve his goals. He traverses scorching deserts, dense forests inhabited by monstrous creatures, and corrupt cities where the law of the jungle prevails.

Along the way, his party is whittled down to just five fearless individuals. Together, they form a family of survivors determined to challenge the tyranny behind their deepest nightmares.

As the journey unfolds, Seth faces not only mortal enemies but also moral dilemmas and the ghosts of the past.

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